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How to teach a 4 month old puppy not to eat everything in the yard.

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Hey friends, I will try to explain what happens to one of my dogs, in my english, is not that good, but I think you will understand, and so will help me.
As some of you know, I own two mini schnauzers, one of them is 1 year and 5 months old, and another one is 4 m/o.
Well, the older one never ate anything forbidden, he has always been a good boy, but Agata is not being a good girl at all,the lasts 5 weeks, at least, has have gastritis, because she eat plants, grass, roots, little sticks, and almost everything she find in the yard (everything but garbage)
Well, my question is if any of you have been through this problem, and off course I would like to know how you solved it, how could I teach her not to eat those stuffs but just her food, should I "accept" this situation until she will be 6Žor 8 m/o?, will this situation end anytime?
Please your help, I will really appreciate your comments and sharing experiencies.
Thank you very much in advance for your comments!!

Peter Christensen:
I wish I could help, but I don't know the answer at all. But I will share my experience.

I have raised two puppies, my roommate's Scout (they now live in Seattle) and my Muka. Both ate everything they saw! I taught them "leave it" and they would leave something alone, but that was only if I was watching.

If I would stop and talk to a neighbor, I had to CONSTANTLY watch or they would eat anything within reach.

Then about 4 or 5 in the morning they would vomit it up! My guess is that at that time their stomach is pretty empty, and their body figures that if there is something still in there it doesn't belong.

The worst Muka ever vomited were two big asphalt-covered black pebbles. Also many times I would see things in his poop.

I think the greatest danger would be from something sharp, or poisonous.

It was a puppy thing. Over time, they outgrew it and stopped eating everything. For example, I love to give Muka empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. He has fun tearing them up. But I used to have to watch him and take them away after a short time or he would eat them. Now he just tears them up.

I used to worry a lot about Muka eating things on our walks, but figured as much as it concerned me it must not be too dangerous since other people let their dogs play in their yards on their own where they are free to eat anything. For example, Muka loved to eat sticks and pussy willows from my willow tree. And I wondered what would happen if he was left to do that all day? I figured he would get tired of it and stop.

So I don't have the answer except that they will outgrow it. But I will be interested to hear from others who have yards their dogs play in.


Hello Peter, thanks for sharing your experience,
As you said, the problem will be something poisonous and sharp, and some sticks she ate are very sharp, so she bleeds once she poos, the blood is not coming from some intern organ, comes when this stuff she ate go out with the poo, so these lasts 5 weeks she's bleeding constantly.... poor girl, but she doesn't want to learn :(

Peter Christensen:
Have you asked a vet?

I think I would keep her inside so she can't eat anything sharp for a few days and see if the bleeding stops. It sounds serious.

Also training might help. From the time Scout and Muka were only a few months old I was able to teach them not to play with my antique toys I have all over my floors.

But I think that's harder with things outside which is why I think they mostly outgrew it.


Yes I have asked him, and he recommended to get her inside the house, and I do that, until she stops bleeding, but once I let her go out to the yard, she eats these stuffs, and again, she bleeds.
Now she is inside the house, because she got well on weekend, but yesterday she ate a stick, and is bleeding.


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