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Does your dog only pee once or twice a day?

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Peter Christensen:
I worry that it might be unhealthy and eventually cause bladder/urinary tract problems, and that I am the cause!

When Lane and I raised Scout, he got to stop at EVERY lawn when walking around the condos. And he marked them all!

I didn't want that, so I taught Muka to only go on a lawn when I gave him permission... once or twice around the third mile walk.

But recently I decided to teach Muka to go on my lawn before our walk, and it's been a real challenge. Actually I've been working on it for months now.

I have finally resorted to only walking around our cul-de-sac until he learns to pee on my lawn, as I felt I might have been confusing him by going on a walk after he peed on my lawn. Next time he might just want to wait for the walk!

Now it's working well. He only pees on my lawn. And I'm being real patient, and caring, and taking him out MANY times a day. But he only goes once or twice! (Actually I think there's only been one day when he only went once.)

I can take him out three times and he won't go, but I know that if I take him up the street to another lawn he'll pee right away. I know I'm being borderline cruel not letting him walk around and smell other dog's pee and go where he chooses, but I need to teach him to use my lawn.

My question is whether or not it might be harming him. I know if I really had to go... I would!

Maybe BennyBear you could ask a vet? Though I did ask my vet a similar question once. Before Scout was 100% house trained I would get frustrated when I couldn't get him to pee before I left for a few hours of the gym and errands. I was afraid he'd just pee in his pen, but he never did. So I was worried it might be bad for him to hold it so long. The vet said not to worry... if he really had to go, he would.

But back to my question, I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has a dog that doesn't pee many times during the day. I know that many people who work and don't have yards and doggie doors only take their dogs out twice a day, morning and night.

My hope is that this will only be short-lived and I'll get him used to going on my lawn shortly and then we can go for walks again.



Yesterday he went around 7 am and them at 4 pm, but wouldn't go at 11 pm so we just went to bed. So this morning he's been waiting by the door to go out. I took him out at 8:15, again at 9:15, and I'll try again in a few minutes... 30 minutes later. So it's not like I'm not giving him the opportunity to pee.

I don't have enough knowledge to tell you whether it is harming him or not..but why don't you just let him mark on as many bushes as he wants throughout his walk? it is what dogs do, isn't it?  :)

I take my guys out 3 times per day, and they usually do a normal length pee at the beginning of the walk and then mark on shrubs and bushes throughout the whole walk..even if they have nothing left, lol..it's pretty funny. I laugh when he lifts his leg and nothing happens, but im sure he is satisfied from the action of doing it, hehe.

I'm sure Muka is fine. That's cool that you have trained him so well! interested in finding out if it's ok for him to only go so little during the day.

Peter Christensen:
I trained Muka from the time he was a puppy not to mark, so that's not an issue. But I do want him to go on MY lawn and not irritate a neighbor.

BTW, he readily peed on his third time out but didn't poop. Now, just like yesterday, he wants to go out to poop... five minutes later!

I think if I keep this up he'll eventually get into the habits I'd like. But I am still interested to hear if other dogs only pee a couple times a day.


We can't really go by Jetson since he is just almost only 16 weeks old, but he goes all night, atleast 10 hours without having to go out and pee and has never done anything in his crate, but other than that he probably pees atleast 10 or 12 times a day. We take him out alot, even when he doesn't want to sometimes.

All the other dogs I have had in my life would go alot more than twice, the male dogs went ALOT when we went for walks and my female dogs peed alot too. Molly was strictly a house doggie and never went outside unless we let her out, she never stayed in the yard by herself. So she had to go out and doing something probably 6 or 8 times a day. Sometimes she just wanted to go out and police the area however and bark at the neighbor dogs.


Hello Peter, I know you wanted to hear from us about our dogs who only pee once or twice a day, but like Debbie,all my dogs did a lot more than that, Jasper tells me he wants to go out for his pee, or other, around four times a day, and I send him out about three times to go a pee on top of that, mainly before my wife has her lay down in the day, and before bed time, and just because I think he is due a pee anyway.

All I can say is as I am getting older, I can drink a cup, but pee a bucket, why that is I dont know? Ha.



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